International Conference on Entrepreneurship studies, Business, Economy, and Management Science

 October 5, 2020

Publication Opportunity

*Selected papers will be published in international journal indexed by SCOPUS, WOS. All papers also has opportunity for publication in reputable international journal indexed by DOAJ, Google Scholar,  EBSCO, Copernicus, etc.

*Terms and Condition applied (selected by scientific editorial and reviewer committee)

  • Abstract proceeding book will be published in soft-file and online access at www.esbem.com

  • Affiliated Journals
    • International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business – Scopus (Q2)
    • International Journal of Business and Globalisation – Scopus (Q3)
    • GIS Business with ISSN no. 1430-3663 – Scopus (Q4)
    • International Journal of Enterprise Network Management – Scopus (Q4)
    • International Journal of Intelligent Enterprise – Scopus (Q4)
    • Malaysian E Commerce Journal – Index Copernicus
    • Social Values and Society – Index Copernicus
    • Education, Sustainability & Society (ESS) – Index Copernicus
    • Acta Informatica Malaysia (AIM) – Index Copernicus
    • Signifikan: Jurnal Ilmu Ekonomi – DOAJ
    • Etikonomi: Jurnal Ekonomi – DOAJ
    • Economic Journal of Emerging Markets (EJEM) – DOAJ
    • Journal of Economics, Business, and Accountancy- Ventura – DOAJ
    • KINERJA (International Journal of Business and Economics) – DOAJ, Sinta 3
    • The Sankalpa: International Journal of Management Decisions – Academic Resource Index


All publications process conducted ethically based on RSF code of conduct and publications ethic guideline (Based on COPE). Please see in the website of RSF or Website of conferences to download the Ethic Guideline. All parties (Author, editor, conference chair, Scientific review committee) should follow the ethic guide.


RSF publications put forwards sustainability relationship between RSF-Author and RSF-Editor. Furthermore, RSF always hold trusted publications partner with reputable indexing.


RSF clearly announce the detail of publications process, timeline and information about the journal or publisher directly through email/ website or conference event. All the information of journal will be announce to all author/ participants after they passed the1st review stage (consist of plagiarism check and aligning aims and scope) through email. All author/ participants have the right to follow the recommendations of the RSF publications or not. If they agree with the recommendations, RSF publications will send the consent letter to all authors/ participants to proceed the next stage.


RSF publications trying to encourage all authors/ participants to follow all scientific process conducted by RSF publication and journals. RSF Publications apply some period of revision and reminder to all authors/ participants. RSF Publications collaboration with Research Synergy Institute facilitate scientific writing workshop all over universities in ASIA and other country to empower and enhance the scholars capacity and productivity.


Research Synergy Publication Process (Journal)

1.All the abstract of article submitted to conference website and  reviewed by Research Synergy Scientific  review  committee through Reviewer Track platform.
2. After conference, all manuscript should be perform in scientific publishing process consistof: Plagirism check  (using Turnitin  under 20%), content review (aligned with journal’s aim and scope) and language review (cohesion, grammar and vocabulary).
3. All manuscript which perform on those criteria will be recommended to Research Synergy journal affiliations (Author should follow journal’s submission).